Sōl Sunwear

Fashion For Your Eyes

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Our Mission

At Sōl Sunwear, our mission is to educate our customers about the importance of sunglasses as well as customize frames to every customers needs and wants.

We started this company in 2017 as a freshman and junior in high school. Growing up in the eye-care industry, we have always been in love with sunglasses. We believe they are the best fashion accessory because they can dress up or down, add a pop of color or be the main focal point of an outfit. Sōl Sunwear was born because we wanted to bring out excitement about sunglasses to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

Our Story

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Need to find us?

We are open seasonally from May through September, but we are always available to help even in our off season! Just contact our sister store Lens Doctors in Portsmouth, NH.

68 State Street

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Tel: 603-373-8813
Email: info@solsunwear.com

Closed for the Season 

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