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Our vision was to bring the essential brands like Ray Ban and Maui Jim but also the iconic brands that you could not get unless you were down in Boston such as Tom Ford. It was important to us that we educate customers about the importance of sunglasses and certain lenses as well as customize frames to every customers needs and wants. In addition, we wanted to bring in brands that we stood by based on the company's values and quality of their lenses/frames. At Sōl, we have worked hard to find good quality sunglass brands that are at every price point. Now, we have even added eyeglasses that are of great quality and price. We are constantly developing and adding to our company but we make sure to always follow our core values of Fun, Respect, Transparency and Community. We are ever evolving and are so glad that you are a part of our journey! 

Alexa and Kosta Mocklis

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We are open seasonally from May through September, but we are always available to help even in our off season! Just contact our sister store Lens Doctors in Portsmouth, NH.

68 State Street

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Tel: 603-373-8813
Email: info@solsunwear.com

Closed for the Season 

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